Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I have to sign a contract?

  No, we do not require your business to sign any type of contract.

2.  Are you insured and bonded?

  Yes, we are insured and bonded through Brown & Brown Insurance.

3.  What happens to the documents after they are shredded?

  Once the documents go through the shredder they are compressed into 1500 pound bales and shipped to paper mills for recycling.

4.  Do I have to remove staples, metal clips, binders, etc.?

  No, there is no need to remove stapes, clips, etc.

5.  Do you pick up from storage units?

  Yes we can set up appointments to pick up documents from your storage unit.

6.  Do you service individuals?

  Individuals are welcome to bring their personal documents to our location to be shredded.

7.  How will I be billed?

  We invoice all customers monthly.

8.  How much does a box weigh?

  Typically a one-cube box (letter size) weighs 30 pounds when full.  A two-cube box weighs approximately 60 pounds when full. 

9.  Can you destroy CDs, x-rays, video tapes, etc.?

  Yes, our shredder does have the capability to shred multi-media.